I help you feel ecstatic about THE job.

Is this you ?

  • You are stressed, your job does not correspond you anymore. You start thinking about a reconversion
  • The idea to become an entrepreneur crosses your mind, effleure, you want to decide about your proper contraintes
  • You are multi potential and it is too difficult to fonction in a company
  • You have lack of confidence and you imagine another solution

So many raisons to change your professional life !

A new orientation or a reconversion is a progressive process based upon the compréhension of yourself. You need to feel anchored and authentic in real life. But...as long as you sit on a nail that does not hurt enough, you do not evolve. Meanwhile, your life is lived at the speed of light, just passing by with no control over it.....

Is it a good moment to choose a new orientation or opt for a total professionel reconversion ? What if you answered this question with your heart ? Do you prefer a depression or a burn-out ? Develop some disease ?

If these questions haunt you; it is urgent to take control again over your reality !

Some signs you are evolving without getting the results you wish for :

  • You have started to gain some information, you discuss about it with friends but nothing changes as there are not specialists
  • You are afraid to feel lack, bif you do not evolve your body will show signs of lack !
  • You do not feel encouraged by your family nor friends, they think of you as an unsatisfied and unrealistic being. These are the dreamstealer
  • You think it over too much and show no action

Result ? You loose a lot of energy, you feel stuck and you feel angry not deciding.

It is ok. Such a decision needs to be taken wisely, but you need to decide first, what are you waiting for ?

A fullfilling life !

I know what it means to feel stuck ! Nothing is more frustrating not knowing why we do the work we have always done, like a mechanical act because it has always been like that. It is worse when you do nnot look your work. SIf I help you today, it is because I needed to feel more respected in my own life decsions expresssing the total being I am. And my well-being is to be at your service in this particular domain.

My approach

Three ways of professionnal reconversion to explore :

Skills assessment with personalized report

Skills assessment with reconversion proposal

Weekend of professional reconversion limited to 4

Choose to live every day in full ecxtasy, this will make all the rest move, reconverse !

  • Every day will be a happy day. You will be motivated by what you love doing !
  • Your work environnement will be chosen by you. You will feel good, you will loose less energy
  • Your family and friends will feel your joy and inner bliss, your confidence and determination. One person that is aligned and happy will inspire 8 other people around happy !
  • You will be certain about your choise as an external viewpoint helped you out with your personal alignement, your innate naturre, who you are since your birth
  • Financial abundancy is a result when you are aligned. The universe recognisez people with high vibrations

Margaux Degrelle

Great fun to advance with her. She is inspiring, in a good mood, to the point and a great entertainer for groups, leaving the possibility for others to exteriorise and shine.

Christophe Lorbat

I had many issues to be aware of my talents. Still today I am using these insights and this experience to take the best decisions for me.

Marie-Violaine Deray

Gratitude Birgit for your accompagnement gettinng closer to my dreams ! A journey to me and my potential. A journey to others and my relationship with them.

Three ways to get to know each other

Original ways to get to know you

A simple call :

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A mini-conférence :

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My story is your story. You will understand why I work with a unique approach. We need to stop conditionnement by other people, by our own fears, by society. You are 100 % responsable of your life. The worst disease is blaming others of your own condition. Take charge now !

Quel est mon chemin ?

Hi ! I am Birgit, I reveal your vital energy ! I work with my clients to identify THE job in order to create an abondant life, a life of joy and good vibes !

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