I help you feel ecstatic about THE job.

Is this you ?

  • You are stressed, your job does not correspond you anymore. You start thinking about a reconversion
  • The idea to become an entrepreneur crosses your mind, effleure, you want to decide about your proper contraintes
  • You are multi potential and it is too difficult to fonction in a company
  • You have lack of confidence and you imagine another solution

So many raisons to change your professional life !

Une ré-orientation ou une reconversion pro est un processus progressif et réfléchi qui s’appuie sur la compréhension de soi. Vous avez besoin d’ancrage et authenticité dans la vraie vie. Mais..tant que vous êtes assis sur un clou qui ne fait pas assez mal, vous y restez. Entretemps, votre vie qui dure que 3 secondes, défile…

Est-ce le bon moment pour choisir une nouvelle orientation ou faire une reconversion pro ? Et si vous répondez à cette question rationnelle avec le cœur ? Vous préférez déprimer ou risquer un burn-out ? Développer un cancer ?

Quand vous vous posez ces questions; il est urgent de prendre votre réalité en main ! De petit.e à grand.e...

Quelques signes que vous êtes en chemin, sans y parvenir à ce jour :

  • You have started to gain some information, you discuss about it with friends but nothing changes as there are not specialists
  • You are afraid to feel lack, bif you do not evolve your body will show signs of lack !
  • You do not feel encouraged by your family nor friends, they think of you as an unsatisfied and unrealistic being. These are the dreamstealer
  • You think it over too much and show no action

Result ? You loose a lot of energy, you feel stuck and you feel angry not deciding.

It is ok. Such a decision needs to be taken wisely, but you need to decide first, what are you waiting for ?

A fullfilling life !

I know what it means to feel stuck ! Nothing is more frustrating not knowing why we do the work we have always done, like a mechanical act because it has always been like that. It is worse when you do nnot look your work. SIf I help you today, it is because I needed to feel more respected in my own life decsions expresssing the total being I am. And my well-being is to be at your service in this particular domain.

My approach

Three ways of professionnal reconversion to explore :

Skills assessment with personalized report

Skills assessment with reconversion proposal

Weekend of professional reconversion limited to 4

Choose to live every day in full ecxtasy, this will make all the rest move, reconverse !

  • Every day will be a happy day. You will be motivated by what you love doing !
  • Your work environnement will be chosen by you. You will feel good, you will loose less energy
  • Your family and friends will feel your joy and inner bliss, your confidence and determination. One person that is aligned and happy will inspire 8 other people around happy !
  • You will be certain about your choise as an external viewpoint helped you out with your personal alignement, your innate naturre, who you are since your birth
  • Financial abundancy is a result when you are aligned. The universe recognisez people with high vibrations

Margaux Degrelle

Great fun to advance with her. She is inspiring, in a good mood, to the point and a great entertainer for groups, leaving the possibility for others to exteriorise and shine.

Christophe Lorbat

I had many issues to be aware of my talents. Still today I am using these insights and this experience to take the best decisions for me.

Marie-Violaine Deray

Gratitude Birgit for your accompagnement gettinng closer to my dreams ! A journey to me and my potential. A journey to others and my relationship with them.

Three ways to get to know each other

Original ways to get to know you

A simple call :

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A mini-conférence :

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Watch my TedX

My story is your story. You will understand why I work with a unique approach. We need to stop conditionnement by other people, by our own fears, by society. You are 100 % responsable of your life. The worst disease is blaming others of your own condition. Take charge now !

Quel est mon chemin ?

Hi ! I am Birgit, I reveal your vital energy ! I work with my clients to identify THE job in order to create an abondant life, a life of joy and good vibes !

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